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Logitech Control Center (LCC)

A centralized hub for managing and configuring Logitech video conferencing cameras and speakerphones.

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Click the "Download" button.

Run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once installed, and will automatically detect your compatible Logitech devices.

About Logitech Control Center

The Logitech Control Center is a software application developed by Logitech, a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals. It is designed to provide users with enhanced control and customization options for their Logitech devices on Mac computers.

The Control Center allows users to configure various settings, such as button assignments, scrolling behavior, and pointer speed, to personalize their Logitech devices’ functionality. It is compatible with a range of Logitech peripherals, including mice, keyboards, trackballs, and game controllers.

In summary, the Logitech Control Center is a software application developed by Logitech that allows users to control and customize their Logitech devices. It provides a range of features, including the ability to read reviews, compare customer ratings, and download Logitech Control on Apple devices.

Additionally, Logitech Options and Logitech G HUB offer similar functionality for Logitech mice, keyboards, and other gaming gear.

Instead, Logitech has transitioned most LCC-supported products to a newer software called Logitech Options.

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  • macOS 13 (Ventura) or later: LCC is not compatible. Use Logitech Options instead.
  • Older macOS versions: LCC might still work, but it’s not recommended due to lack of updates and potential compatibility issues.

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